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Beijing Dragon Rising Antiques Sales Company located in Beijing, China, which has its factory and showrooms and marketing/sales teams in Beijing City. Our major business is selling Chinese Antiques and with all kinds of Chinese Handicrafts which are from Chinese regional places.Beijing Dragon Rising Antiques Sales Company has the sole right to exporter our handicrafts and antiques from Beijing China. Our merchandise from this web-site have been shipping to more than 30 global countries and regions. We are proud of ourselves for the understanding of Chinese Antique Knowledge, the pieces we can locate are including: Chinese Antique Furniture, Tibetan small stuffs, Mongolian and Tibetan Furnitures, Bronzes, TerroCotta, Glazed Pottery, Coin, CR items,etc. We truly believe our works and collection of Chinese Antiques will make you feel satisifed and much more understanding the long history of Chinese 5000 Old.

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Beijing Dragon Rising Antiques Sales Company also run the Consultant business for all of the foreigners coming to China for business or for invest purposes. On the above purpose, we develop our teams into more effenciency, trust worthy for our friends and customers. We just leave our fulling contacting way as follows, and you can make us a visit if you are in Beijing. We will believe we can become your truly believable provider of Chinese Antiques and Handicrafts in Beijing.

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> Order miscellaneous Chinese Furniture variety from Antique Armoire,Reproduction Armoire,Small Cabinet, Table, Chair,Trunk,Bed, small Accessory FROM RECYCLED OLD WOOD COLLECTIONS....
a wide variety of styles such as armomire, cabinet, small cabinet, bench, table, lounger, chairs, small accessories&gifts are available for your purchase purpose, with an assortment of items scaled for fullsized home decocation. Our furniture designs are timeless, aesthetics, function, strong, safety and the long-term integrity of our furniture is paramount.

> Order hardware handy made with historical and oriental skills Chinese antique furniture is among the world's finest, and its use of elegant brass hardware fittings is one of the features that makes it so popular. Gorgeous, hand-wrought brass hardware can be used to replace hardware on Asian furniture or to give an Asian twist to a piece of ordinary furniture. All of our hardware can be attached with normal household nails or screws. However, we include a set of pins to attach the hardware in the traditional Chinese way. Depending on the piece of hardware, we include either "nailing pins" or "folding pins." Nailing pins are nailed in like regular nails, although we recommend drilling a pilot hole first slightly smaller than the pin itself if you are attaching to a piece of hardwood furniture. Folding pins, on the other hand, are threaded through the opening of the hardware and then bent over themselves on the other side and nailed flat, like a rivet. No special tools are required other than a regular drill and hammer. Because this is brass hardware, it comes with a dark hue that can either be left as is or polished to a golden sheen with a brass polish such as Brasso. The hardware looks great either way

China is the first country to invent the craft of lacquer ware, which was used in the palaces in Qin and Han dynasty.Because of their bright luster, resistance to acid and alkali, the lacquer wares enjoy high reputation in the world. Lacquer ware is an antique but superexcellent traditional handicraft. Nowadays, our company has carried on the heritage under the guidance of the sophisticated handicraftsmen of AntiquesBeijing. In our manufacture, we carefully choose top class lumbers such as white birch, white linden, and elaborately carve the agate, coral , jade, cowry, green crystal, and precious stones from Shoushan, Qingtian. Through complicated procedure and unique traditional technology, superior quality lacquer screens, tables, chairs and other furniture and decorations are finally produced. We have thousands of sculptural designs including cultural relics, flowers, birds, and other animals and plants. The mellow sense of culture is implicit in lacquer wares.
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Made of suitable materials uniquly, we are engaged in ivory carving technologist smart to carve spy and succeed , work exquisiteness , image combine with in early days, cultural inside information is deep , give graceful artistic treat,with the development of market, our products find a good sale in a dozen countries and regions , such as America and Europe , Southeast Asia ,etc. to receive the masses of customer's unanimous favorable comments .
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